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  1. ZX-9R Forum
    Can’t get bike to start when I hit the starter switch nothing happens tried jumping it with a screw driver and it cranks but don’t turn over any ideas , when I bought the bike the guy told me there was an anti theft deal on it where I had to turn the bike all the way in one direction for it to...
  2. ZX-9R Forum
    I bought a rear hub assembly for my 02 ZX9R so I tried to put it on and it will not fit it’s a 1/2 MM smaller than the hub assembly that was on the bike so can anyone tell me what my problem is please
  3. Mechanical & Technical
    I was wondering if the 02 03 ZX9R forks would fit in the 1998 triple tree. I'm upgrading a 98s braking system to brembos but there's no compatibility with the 98s forks. I found a caliper adapter online but it only fits the 02 and 03s.
  4. Mechanical & Technical
    I need to source a fan assembly for my E1 but I'm struggling to find one. It is a 4 blade fan. The circular part of the assembly is around 8.5 inches with 2x 2 inch arms at the top and a single 2.5 inch arm at the bottom. I'm unsure if the C or another model shared the same fan. Any ideas...
  5. ZX-9R Forum
    Hi all, I have a 98 Zx9r and the front brakes are disconcerting in how far the lever travels before finding good power. Pads and fluid have been changed, and I also hear it’s a common complaint. The bike shop suggests a newer slave cylinder off a zx10 for example is the fix. If anyone has done...
  6. Mechanical & Technical
    I bought a 1996 ZX9R with 32,000 miles for a few hundred bucks. For how cheap I bought it, I knew that something was probably terribly wrong with the bike but I wasn’t too concerned since I bought it purely as a project before I learned to ride. I drained the oil the other day to find antifreeze...
  7. ZX-9R Forum
    bought a 1999 Zx9r early March(just before quarantine)for 1000$(from a guy Big C).He claimed the carbs were cleaned even tho you could tell the bike was stored inside for a while. However he started it up,sounded beautiful. Go to rev it it dies..the throttle was reversed. —Fast forward to now— I...
1-7 of 7 Results