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  1. IMG_20210327_201420396.jpg

    Red head sitting there looking good....
  2. IMG_20210407_121535458.jpg

    Patiently waiting...
  3. ZX-7R Forum
    Hey folks I just recently joined the forums and I'm currently looking for body panels and mounting brackets along with the upper fairing brace as well...I believe the 96-03 bikes are similar if I'm not mistaken. Either way still need those parts. So anyway thanks in advance!!
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys I'm Chris I got my first bike that's a 2000 zx7r.... Complete impulse almost backed out buy until the man reved the motor cycle and flames shot out the back ... If I'ma buy a bike it's fu""ing shooting flames out the back.... Mind u I never been on a bike but studied how to drive one...
  5. Project zx7r

    Just a 600 dollar build/nothing special
  6. General Discussion
    Just before I was born, my Dad had a 1993 zx7r, green, pink, and blue, it is his favorite motorcycle of all time. He tells me often now that I ride myself, how much he would love to have that bike again. So with that being said, I am looking to buy a 1993 zx7r, for his upcoming birthday. We live...
  7. ZX-7R Forum
    ISO cover reservoir cant find one anywhere the part number is 14090-1634 any one have any measurements to possibly 3D print
  8. ZX-7R Forum
    2001 zx7r. When I crank engine by depressing the starter button the starter works normal (on/off as commanded) if the engine does not start. But if I press it again and the bike starts running the starter will continue to run until I press the kill switch or turn ignition off. I did have a bad...
  9. ZX-7R Forum
    I just wanted to give TURBO329 a shot-out, B/c of him I was able to give my local bike shop a big middle finger. After bending me over for the same job 3 times to the tune of $500. I been on this forum countless times going over carb cleaning/maintenance/tuning treads, trying to get a proper...
1-16 of 16 Results