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  1. ZX-7R Forum
    I was on a short ride and i noticed my oil pressure light start to flash then became solid, as i was pulling over the bike lost all clutch and started to tick (sound like its coming from the top of the motor) Im hoping it could possibly be a bad cam chain tensioner, has anyone ever had this...
  2. Mechanical & Technical
    Hello everyone, new to the bike world. I bought a 2000 ZX7R and was told it was just a fuel pump issue. New fuel pump in, relay in, filter in, carbs are cleaned and new spark plugs. The bike WILL run but I need to spray starting fluid into the intake of the carbs to fire it up and then I need to...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello! New to the forum but a huge Zx7 fan (I have an 89 project and 92 that is like new). I’m on the tail end of restoring my 89 H1 and have been looking for 2 parts for over year: Rear Fender (35023-1236-6z) Radiator reservoir tank (43078-1097) Both parts seem to be impossible to find - I’ve...
  4. ZX-7R Forum
    Looking at buying a fairing bolt kit from Amazon for my 2000 Zx7r. I don’t think it comes with the rubber washers for the tank, or whatever it’s supposed to have. Any advice be great, thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results