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  1. ZX-7R Forum
    I bought a 93’ zx750 for 1000 bucks in poor running order. It sounds nice but a lot of rev hangs and not a very sound idle. So I want to rebuild and sync the carbs, but the Someone down the line modded the air box horribly. Which in turn, has created quite a few issues. No sense in syncing carbs...
  2. ZX-7R Forum
    Hello All, I have some aftermarket Airtech fairings I am puiting on a resto zx-7 I recently purchased, and was wondering if anybody has some NOS decals they would be willing to sell me, specifically the lower left fairing "Kawasaki" decal and Blue triangle. I bought RDDecals and the...
  3. ZX-7R Forum
    Hello all, I've been looking really hard for a 1990-1992 Zx7 for sale but have no luck. If anyone has any in the traditional Green, white blue colors, and in decent condition id be very interested in taking a look. Call or Text any time at 339-987-9366. Thank you!
  4. Project zx7r

    Just a 600 dollar build/nothing special
1-10 of 10 Results