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  1. Mechanical & Technical
    I said I'd make a new thread on this old project I've revived. Its the whole story and background so far but bear with me. I'm no mechanic and probably way out my depth. Hopefully this can help other people, or if anyone has any input to help me. It's not been too hard but has been stressful and...
  2. Mechanical & Technical
    I have a tapping sound coming from near the front idk ab which side. I bought it and it didn’t have the noise next day turned on and was tapping. Heard it could possibly be just a zx6r engine or CCT or valve adjustment. Really not sure as this is my first bike.
  3. ZX-6R Forum
    does anybody know if a 1998 zx9r front fairing/cowl will fit on a 1998 zx6r? Im in need of a new front cowl but can only find them on eBay for $250+ with 2month shipping. I can order a 98 zx9r front cowl for a lot less and fast shipping. thanks in advance!
  4. General Discussion
    Hey guys I just got a 2022 ninja the XXR. And I took off the stock exhaust because it was too quiet and welded custom built pipe with the cat. There is no hesitation in throttle control or acceleration. I was wondering if there would be any damage in the future to the engine. The cat is still...
  5. Mechanical & Technical
    Hello, I'd like to ask you about Immobilizer bypass. My motorcycle is 2013 zx6r. The ECU was damaged in a car accident. I bought an eBay no immobilizer us ecu. We found that we had to install a 100-ohm resistor. But I don't know exactly where to do it. Please help me. I'm attaching a picture. ...
  6. Mechanical & Technical
    I’ve recently bought a 2007 636 but the rear seat has no key hole I can see where it should be and upon taking the front seat off there’s no cables I can reach or even see that would operate the latch; looks like the prev owner must’ve completely taken out the whole mechanism. Help? There’s...
  7. Mechanical & Technical
    So I have a 2015 ZX6R that has never really had many issues. Just today I went to ride for the first time in 2 months and it would not start. Cranking sounded weak so I went ahead and just bought a new battery. Installed that and now the bike cranks very strong. Neither of the batteries when...
  8. OEM parts for sale
    Various 2021 Ninja zx6r parts Find us at- Mint Auto Parts Item available on eBay here- mintautopart ebay Mint Auto Part | eBay Stores Part out will ship most parts Prices include shipping to the continental US. Contact me directly for a discount on multiple parts/shipping. Let me know if...
    $69 USD
  9. Mechanical & Technical
    I opened up my zx6r engin to figure out this problem I have. When I crank it manually it makes a squeal or leaking sound. What does this mean? It also is more difficult to crank https://youtube.com/shorts/1cZVhnk_3U4?feature=share
  10. Aftermarket parts/Accessories
    Sold my bike, had these sitting around still. hotbodies tinted OEM style windscreen. Used, No cracks. pewter solo cowl. Used. No chips or cracks. Mounts flush and matches OEM color. $50 + shipping, each
  11. ZX-6R Forum
    I'm not hands on with most of the bike stuff yet since I just got my first bike this past month. my battery keeps getting drained when I start it and run it. I got a new battery first and the new battery didn't change anything, it still drains. I got a new rectifier/regulator and the issue is...
  12. ZX-6R Forum
    So a year ago my bike died on me out of no where. Someone was kind enough to help me and jumped my bike with their car but at the time I didn't know that that was a no go and to make matters worse the car was on. They revved it and my battery started to smoke. Later I replaced the battery and...
  13. Mechanical & Technical
    i need the upper right hand side engine mount bolt the 18mm one mine is bent and not reuseable problem is all the parts websites say the part is unavailable what else can i buy that will work? like like a longer one that i can cut down? if anyone has parts numbers or suggestions please don't...
  14. ZX-6R Forum
    Just picked up a 2008 ZX6R and it has a broken set of cheap aftermarket mirrors I'd like to replace. I've heard that the 09 and 13 ZX6R mirrors may fit? I am looking for confirmation or recommendations on the best option for replacement fairing mount mirrors. I like the look of the later...
  15. Mechanical & Technical
    So I just bought my first zx600j for a good price it needs new fairings though. I have found it hard to find fairings for it. Mainly all I have seen are fairings for newer years and also same year zx6r's. My question is, is it the same bike? If not are the parts interchangeable? All it says on...
  16. Oil and Lubrication
    I just bought a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 636c and I want to do an oil change in it but don’t know what’s the best oil for it. It has high miles on it, I believe it has 33,000 miles. Any suggestions on what’s the best oil to use for this bike would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  17. ZX-6R Forum
    Hi guys, I recently got a 2007 zx6r back last summer and with in that time the engine has blown. I was wondering what would be a better route to go. A rebuild or a new engine? I've been leaning towards a new engine but unsure where to purchase it from. Whenever I try to find a place by looking...
  18. General Discussion
    It being my favorite bike in existence I'd love to see more! Videos of exhaust setups would be awesome as well. Here's mine.
  19. ZX-6R Forum
    Im looking to replace all the fairings on my bike, preferably gloss black with no decals. Any advice on which site to order from? I am also looking to replace my headlights with HID or LED, anyone have experience? Has anyone found a place to order a new Monster green seat that's a bit more...
1-20 of 36 Results