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  1. Mechanical & Technical
    So I just bought my first zx600j for a good price it needs new fairings though. I have found it hard to find fairings for it. Mainly all I have seen are fairings for newer years and also same year zx6r's. My question is, is it the same bike? If not are the parts interchangeable? All it says on...
  2. ZX-6R Forum
    I have a 07 600 . when its at idol even after warm up the idol surges. off the line its boggy and theres no power , at about 4000 rpm the power kicks in and theres plenty . but the surging continues causing slight irregularity in acceleration and and throttle control during cornering . throttle...
  3. ZX-6R Forum
    Greetings from Ground Zero...... Selling/donating parts from old race bikes. -Four into one header, think from D model? -Tanks for C (beat up), D (better) and E (good shape) -Fiberglass race body (upper, can't find lower yet) for E model, used on a D -Forks and springs for a D model, probably 2...
1-3 of 3 Results