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  1. Mechanical & Technical
    Hey folks, so I have a decision to make and I was hoping to get some feedback before I make my decision. Ok so bear with me, i got a bit of a surprise yesterday. So I have a 2007 zx14 almost 70k miles and salvage title. I picked it up for $2.5k a year ago. Well I thought i blew the transmission...
  2. ZX-14 Forum
    Vandemon exhaust and a Woolich tune ,also DNA air filter. 201 hp and 183.43 ft torque , does anyone know if these numbers are pretty standard ?
  3. ZX-14 Forum
    2013 ZX14R heavily modified. Nitrous Bike, Carpenter build, big head, big cam, big valve, GEN11 clutch, never been sprayed. Too many features to list. Been stored in climate controlled garage for 2.5 years. $12,000 NO trades. Serious inquiries only Any interest or questions call Keith at...
  4. Mechanical & Technical
    I am wanting to get rid of my stock exhaust and wanting to get a full m4 exhaust. Do I need to get a power Commander to put on the bike first before installing the exhaust because the bike lean anyway?
  5. Aftermarket Parts
    I have a Sato Racing full exhaust system up for sale. These were made for Orient Express but some were actually sold under the Sato brand name. That's the model I have. They list it should fit 06-18, mines an 08. Here is a link to the Orient Express labeled model: Orient Express Titanium...
  6. General Discussion
    Just got a 2008 ZX 14!! I had a 2000 zx12r, which was my first big big bike(Had a bandit 1200 prior.) the zx12r was getting tired and it seemed to have a new issue every other month I was originally debating between a hayabusa and a b series zx12r but a zx14 came up for a hard to beat price...
  7. ZX-14 Forum
    Hello everyone, my name is Deni and I am new to this forum. I need to make a big decision and I need your help. I will write a lot of text but please bear with me. I am planning to buy a motorcycle which will be ridden by me (23 years old) and my father (50). Right now we have a Beverly 350...
1-7 of 7 Results