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  1. Mechanical & Technical
    i need a little help. im still green when it comes to mechanics and im learning as i go. my ninja clutch was shutting down as soon as i kicked it into gear. i drained the oil and whatnot got the case off, my actuator arm is shredded. i got a new one coming. my questions are what would cause...
  2. ZX-12R Forum
    Hi guys! I can actually remember that at some point in 1999, here in the United States, not sure if it was Cycle Trends, or what the magazine was, but on the front cover was a 'Red' 2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R that was dubbed, 'The Busa Killa'. I swore that one day I would get one of them, and...
  3. ZX-12R Forum
    New to the community, but have been reading the forums for a couple of years now. I have an A1 12r that I got mostly stock, other than lowering links and full hindle exhaust system were already added. My goal is to have a 12 that will run consistent high 8's/ low 9's in the qtr mile, but can...
1-3 of 3 Results