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  1. ZX-10R Forum
    Hi , im having isues with my zx , when it goes up to 190f , service code 62 appears , but then i let it cool down for a while , then disappears , and while code 62 appears , my bike cuts on 6000rpms , any ideas? Ty :)
  2. Aftermarket Parts
    AIM MXK10 logger for Gen5 ZX10R, compatible with standard ECU as well as kit ecu. Need to change to EVO4S logger due to strict Superstock regulations (demands use of stock dash) In perfect condition, used for 10 hours / some 1200km on a race prepped 2016 ZX10R. Comes complete with GPS08 sensor...
    €800 EUR
  3. Want To Buy/Barter
    Hello all I'm looking for a 2004 or 2005 fuel tank. Send me a message or call me at 203-676-3832 Mitch Went riding the other day and noticed fuel spilling out of the side of my tank. I had my fuel tank repaired and painted previously but it seems like it sprung a bigger leak.
  4. Want To Buy/Barter
    I’m looking to buy a full set of Black OEM fairings for a 2011 ZX10R. I am open to other colors than black as long as it is OEM and very little to no scratches. I’m willing to pay up to $550 (shipping included)
    $500 USD
  5. Mechanical & Technical
    Hey guys my 2016 zx10r has been acting up I’ll be driving around and everything is fine then out of nowhere my dash lights start flashing and I won’t be able to go above 3k rpms. I’ll turn her off an on a couple times and it’ll be back to normal but it happens again soon after I have no idea...
  6. ZX-10R Forum
    Hey I always come to this website when I have questions about my bike. Right now I’m wondering what everyone’s using or where people or going to get full systems for the 04-05 zx10r. I know the bike is getting kind of old so a lot of people don’t have parts for sale anymore but there’s got to...
  7. ZX-10R Forum
    Hi everyone, So I’ve recently purchased a 2008 ZX10R with some (or many) issues, and I would really like to read any FI codes. I’m sure there are some as the bike is not running as it should, and I feel confident to use possible error codes as a lazier starting point for my diagnostic process...
1-7 of 7 Results