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wont start

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  1. Mechanical & Technical
    My 98 ZX11 randomly died on me in the middle of a ride so it acted like it wasn't getting fuel put it in neutral and coasted into a parking area call AAA in the meantime I would try to start it here and there and it wouldn't start with choke just turn the motor sometimes wouldn't fire at all...
  2. Mechanical & Technical
    I recently purchased a second hand 2006 Ninja 250. The bike ran great for about two weeks (other than an occasional issue cranking which I repaired by replacing the starter motor) until a few days after I changed the oil. After this the bike would have trouble starting even with the choke and...
  3. ZX-6R Forum
    Whats up peoples So the bike is a 2006 ZX6R 636D and the only way to completely kill the bike is to disconnect the negative battery cable. The stop switch works to stop the engine while its running but the ignition switch does nothing (you can ride the bike with the ignition switch in the off...
  4. Mechanical & Technical
    I got a 2000 Kawasaki ninja 900cc motor on a go cart. It Started just fine when I got it But the water pump needed to be replaced. I wanted to repaint the frame on the go cart so I took the motor off got the new water pump put it on. then put the motor back on the go cart after a couple weeks...
1-4 of 4 Results