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  1. Service Manuals
    Hello everyone i bought this bike back in june and previous owner stated he changed stator and rectifier with his friend and himself. So within it idling for 1 minute i seen it drip 3 drops of oil from the bottom right bolt hole of the stator cover. So i ordered a new gasket and some grey...
  2. Mechanical & Technical
    Hi Looking to replace the shock oil in my GPZ900R, I'm aware you can drain it via the air hose and refill that way. Does anyone know what grade/weight of oil I should be looking for and approximate volume that should come out of the shock? Thanks in advance :)
  3. Mechanical & Technical
    Continuing last summers project finally. I delt with the bike not moving at all only after the oil warmed up or got hot. Put it in gear& wouldn't do anything. I Cleaned up discs/& replaced, and changed oil. It helped until It got hot again. I just rebuilt the carbs, haven't been able to drive it...
1-3 of 3 Results