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  1. OEM parts for sale
    Various 2021 Ninja 400 parts Find us at- Mint Auto Parts Item available on eBay here- Items for sale by mintautopart | eBay Prices include shipping to the continental US. Contact me directly for a discount on multiple parts/shipping. Let me know if you need something that I don't have...
  2. Mechanical & Technical
    Hey guys my 2016 zx10r has been acting up I’ll be driving around and everything is fine then out of nowhere my dash lights start flashing and I won’t be able to go above 3k rpms. I’ll turn her off an on a couple times and it’ll be back to normal but it happens again soon after I have no idea...
  3. Mechanical & Technical
    I’ve had this bike for two years and it’s never revd over 10k in any gear. My first bike and I thought that was just because it had 25k miles on it. The problem got worse to the point it wouldn’t do 90 in 6th gear. I cleaned the fuel tank, fuel pump and filter, all of the fuel injectors and fuel...
  4. 15819A8E-3741-48CE-940C-E8DA58427E00.jpeg

    My 2008 ninja zx6r and 2018 Honda crf250r
  5. Ninja/Z 1000
    Hi all it's been a time since I last posted. I've recently acquired another 87 ninja 1000r and I'm looking for either a corbin seat or a mint stock one. Also looking for a 4 into 1 exhaust, or 2 aftermarket pipes in good condition, otherwise stock pipes in mint shape would do. Thank you.
  6. ZX-7R Forum
    I was on a short ride and i noticed my oil pressure light start to flash then became solid, as i was pulling over the bike lost all clutch and started to tick (sound like its coming from the top of the motor) Im hoping it could possibly be a bad cam chain tensioner, has anyone ever had this...
  7. ZX-6R Forum
    Just bought a 2005 zx6r as my first bike today. It was a 1.5 hour ride back home it was working perfect until the 40 minute mark when the bike started to turn off randomly and it would start but then turn off again after couple miles. As I got closer to my destination it just totally gave out...
  8. ZX-6R Forum
    I have a 07 600 . when its at idol even after warm up the idol surges. off the line its boggy and theres no power , at about 4000 rpm the power kicks in and theres plenty . but the surging continues causing slight irregularity in acceleration and and throttle control during cornering . throttle...
  9. 03' ZX-7R

1-10 of 10 Results