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  1. Gen 1 Exhaust Systems

    ZX-10R Forum
    Hey I always come to this website when I have questions about my bike. Right now I’m wondering what everyone’s using or where people or going to get full systems for the 04-05 zx10r. I know the bike is getting kind of old so a lot of people don’t have parts for sale anymore but there’s got to...
  2. Do I need a tune? or need to do any mods?

    ZX-6R Forum
    YOOOO, my order from Competition Werkes should be in tomorrow. Picked up the GP slip on, it's going to delete my pre-,muffler. Since things are opening up, am I going to need get it tuned or do any type of mods for air flow? Going from all stock from the head back to premuffler which had an Two...
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    07 zx 14 new d&d exhaust