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  1. Mechanical & Technical
    I said I'd make a new thread on this old project I've revived. Its the whole story and background so far but bear with me. I'm no mechanic and probably way out my depth. Hopefully this can help other people, or if anyone has any input to help me. It's not been too hard but has been stressful and...
  2. Mechanical & Technical
    I opened up my zx6r engin to figure out this problem I have. When I crank it manually it makes a squeal or leaking sound. What does this mean? It also is more difficult to crank https://youtube.com/shorts/1cZVhnk_3U4?feature=share
  3. Mechanical & Technical
    i need the upper right hand side engine mount bolt the 18mm one mine is bent and not reuseable problem is all the parts websites say the part is unavailable what else can i buy that will work? like like a longer one that i can cut down? if anyone has parts numbers or suggestions please don't...
  4. ZX-6R Forum
    Hi guys, I recently got a 2007 zx6r back last summer and with in that time the engine has blown. I was wondering what would be a better route to go. A rebuild or a new engine? I've been leaning towards a new engine but unsure where to purchase it from. Whenever I try to find a place by looking...
  5. ZX-10R Forum
    Hi All. WTB good gen3 zx10r engine. I'm in FL. Please and thanx
  6. Mechanical & Technical
    I bought a 1996 ZX9R with 32,000 miles for a few hundred bucks. For how cheap I bought it, I knew that something was probably terribly wrong with the bike but I wasn’t too concerned since I bought it purely as a project before I learned to ride. I drained the oil the other day to find antifreeze...
1-6 of 6 Results