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  1. CVRD retainer filing before and after

    Stock jet needle retainer (left) and filed retainer (right). I filed off more than needed. The spring provides pressure on the jet needle, keeping it seated. There's probably 2+mm that can be safely taken off.
  2. CVRD 40mm shimming

    The light horizontal white line denotes were the original plastic was. You can safely take off 2+ mm, but I would recommend that you only take off a little more than you need for your washer.
  3. CVRD 40mm shimming

    One oddity I noticed was that all my jet needles sat off center from their holes. This picture was taken prior to modification.
  4. CVRD 40mm shimming

    Pictured is a standard toolbox flat metal file. Use it to file straight down, while maintaining the side height.
1-4 of 4 Results