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  1. Mechanical & Technical
    Hello everyone so i knew my brake fluid was pretty orange looking but this weekend i decided to see if i could lock the back tire up because of how weak my rear brake felt and it could not do much of anything so i bled the brakes with just a bottle and a clear hose. I got a dropper and sucked...
  2. ZX-14 Forum
    Hey guys, it has been almost 5 years since I was here last. My bike has not been ridden in over 4 years. The bike was totaled in a parking lot at low speeds and then I took some time off. The cost of the repairs is less than $500 though. Anyway, because it has not been ridden, it is stuck. I...
  3. Mechanical & Technical
    I was wondering if the 02 03 ZX9R forks would fit in the 1998 triple tree. I'm upgrading a 98s braking system to brembos but there's no compatibility with the 98s forks. I found a caliper adapter online but it only fits the 02 and 03s.
  4. ZX-9R Forum
    Hello I'm new to the forum. Just bought a 1999 kawasaki zx9r. As I'm riding and then beginning to slow down and use my brakes I hear a whining noise. It's not really a metallic sound or anything but it sounds like a high pitch zipper noise. I watched you tube videos about my bike and in some...
1-4 of 4 Results