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  1. Want To Buy/Barter
    my name is Derrick i have a 94 zx11 that i need carbs and a front fender for my money is funny right at the moment i have all kinds of stuff to trade .hmu if you have these items and are interested in a trade if i dont have it i can probably get it .thanx respectfully Derrick ps my email is...
  2. Want To Buy/Barter
    Hey group, I recently picked up an 08 zx14 with a full Sato exhaust system. I use to have an 07 zx14 (wrecked her last march :( ) that had a set of full length slip on M4's and loved the sound. I'm wondering if anyone has a set of the M4's they are willing to swap for the Sato racing exhaust...
1-2 of 2 Results