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  1. Mechanical & Technical
    Hey, I looked around the site and I could not find anything that really hit my situation. I was out riding a little while back, and while doing so my bike starting dying. I was giving it throttle, yet it was not giving itself gas. I would rev the throttle multiple times until the revs got high...
  2. ZX-6R Forum
    Hello everyone, posting for my friend since he has no clue about mechanics or how things operate and I am the designated mechanic for simple/easy things that dont need a shop. The bike in question is a 2007 Ebony ZX6R with 96,000km (60,000mi), all original parts except for cooling hoses that...
  3. ZX-6R Forum
    So I just bought a 07 ZX6R from somebody and fast forward a couple months later I noticed an oil leak on my left side near the front sprocket and also infront of my headers. I did some research and it seems to be a common issue with said models. I called the Kawasaki Service center around my...
1-3 of 3 Results