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2007 zx6r

  1. ZX6R 2007 - Rear Wheel, Subframe, Swingarm

    OEM parts for sale
    Hi Everyone, I am after ZX6R 2007 - Rear Wheel, Subframe, Swingarm. Basically a friend had a bit of an accident and these are the parts that are needed before confirming that the bike isnt completely twisted. The swingarm snapped and the rear wheel collapsed. Basically it went backwards into a...
  2. 2007 ZX6R Overheating

    Mechanical & Technical
    Hello all! I know operating temps have been gone over and over here, and there’s a huge variance in them. At any rate, I need some help/advice. My brother bought an 07 ZX6R yesterday, and while riding home he overheated. Temp hit 241F. Shut it down and let it cool and topped off the coolant...