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  1. ZX-9R Forum
    Hi.Got the dredded grey wire issue.My 1999 zx9rc2 will not start.Hit start and bike just turns over,plugs are not sparking.checked voltage on grey wire and is is 9.4volts all the way from ignition to igniter.Is this right.If not what should it be and how to rectify problem.Bike was running fine...
  2. ZX-9R Forum
    I have a 1998 Kawasaki ninja zx9r no spark I recently bought this bike from Facebook marketplace non-running no spark I did eventually get the bike to fire up and run just fine oddly enough 12 volts going to the security gray wire I thought you know what if it works it works I go to reassemble...
  3. ZX-6R Forum
    does anybody know if a 1998 zx9r front fairing/cowl will fit on a 1998 zx6r? Im in need of a new front cowl but can only find them on eBay for $250+ with 2month shipping. I can order a 98 zx9r front cowl for a lot less and fast shipping. thanks in advance!
  4. Mechanical & Technical
    Hi all, I'd love to ask for some advice before buying my first Kawasaki. Been riding a Honda Transalp but like to get my first sportsbike for track/weekend. I've found a C1 in Cambodia which are very rare here to be well looked after so it's a rough one, It has 54.000 km and can negotiate price...
1-4 of 4 Results