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Black (Originally)
I bought her brand spankin' new in May of 2010. A few thousand miles later she got her Muzzy M-10 Megaphone slip on. Put 15k miles on her in the the first year. 12k in year two. By the start of year 3 I was going through a divorce and this bike was one of the few things that kept my mind free of all the bullshit.

She dropped a valve at about 21,000 miles and I started sourcing a new engine. A couple of weeks later I'd found a motor and that same week I moved. about a month later I was picking up my bike and bringing her home again... new motor installed by a friend. I spent the next week going through and fixing things that he'd screwed up and finally the day came when I got to fire her back up.

She spent about 2 years living and riding in the Central California area and doing some track days.

Fast forward to now. She's got over 47,000 miles on her. She's had one wreck... turn 3 entry at Laguna Seca.

Sunshine is now a dedicated track/race bike that will likely never see a public road again. Unless I convert her back to street in a decade or so. :)
2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R (Black (Originally))



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