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ZX750F (Ninja 750r)
I have been working on this bike for 3 years now, I have just finished it. I got it from my uncle for free it didn't run hadn't ran in over 10 years but only had 6,000 miles on it. I knew nothing about motorcycles, so I bought a Haynes manual, watched Youtube and cruised this site. I have torn down the bike entirely, I've split the engine to replace parts 4 times. To list all I've done,
-Tear down #1 to replace starter clutch
-Disassemble/clean all break lines, cylinders, pistons.
-Disassemble/clean all clutch lines, cylinders.
-Patched 2 rust holes in the fuel tank that were leaking
-Tear down #2 put shift drum in correct position because I didn't reassemble it in the N position -_-
-Tear down #3 clean metal shards from when the oil pump sprocket bolt came off and the oil pump chain spun around the engine.
-Replaced oil pump chain that I could only find in Great Britain.
-Acid bath to the inside of the fuel tank and resealed.
-Tear down #4 to find a noise I thought was a bent rod...wasn't.
-Replaced clutch hub..was the noise...that was damaged when oil pump chain broke.
-I have taken off tore down, cleaned, repaired, replaced, adjusted, beat and cussed at the carbs countless times.
-Taken the wheels off and had a shop put new tires on, then put wheels back on.
-Cleaned chain
-Cleaned disassembled/replaced parts of fuel tap.
-Replaced Fuel cap because the key hole corroded shut one day.
-Added inline fuel cutoff which fixed the hydro-locking/engine flooding problem.

Plus some other things I can't think off right now. It truly is a love/hate relationship. I love her and she hates me. But this past day I finally got her running perrrrrfect and she screams. After years of working on that bike, 3x more money invested into it than its worth I wouldn't trade it for anything. I know so much more about motorcycles now and I just want to find old motorcycles and make then run new again.
1987 Kawasaki ZX750F (Ninja 750r) (Red/White)



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