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1st oil change/service v.s. do it yourself?

I have just rolled over 500mi on my 2007 Ninja zx-6r, the shop I bought it from is telling me that I need to have them perform the 1st service for $150. They will change the oil and filter, tighten and lube the chain, check the wires, and test ride my bike, they say that it is required that they do all this. Is this really neccesary? Or should I just change the oil, lube and tighten the chain myself? Thanks.
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Shouldn't be required as long as you keep receipts for everything and mark down your mileage and what you did in the owners manual. Since it's the very first service though, I'd just change the oil filter and then bring it in to them to do the rest. See if they'll do that.
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Normally for the 1st and 2nd service I'll take it to them and let them do it, but after that then I'll do everything else.

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I doubt they do anything to your bike on the 1st service that you couldn't do yourself. Unless you are having a particular issue I wouldn't worry about taking it in.

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I did my first and second oil change...first time is a bit tricky but after that its ok...I couldn't justify paying someone $120 for soemthing i could do jsut as easily. I brang my bike to the dealer and had them service it at 2200km...all they asked was if i had the recepits so it would be warranted.
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if your mechanically incline i would do it your self and save that money bro, that what makes it sweet to me to work on your own bike and learn at the same time, u might want to get your self a manual for future maintence also
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Make sure you go through the whole list of items that get checked at the first service. It isn't just a "replace engine oil and filter then call it a day." The full list is on page 89 (of the Canadian) manual.

This is the chance for the dealer to make sure there is nothing wrong with the bike and that everything is breaking in/wearing correctly. If it isn't then something bad could happen down the road. So if you're going to do it yourself go over the bike with a fine-tooth comb.
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I suppose by this time you have already either done it yourself or have had it done.

I don't know how your laws differ from ours here, but here, if the bike is still under warranty and you do ANY work on it yourself, the dealers and KAWA SA will surely not help you with any claims.

That is why it is quite surprising to me that someone working for a dealer can even suggest that you do it yourself. I am sure his boss will appreciate that! Quite loyal to his dealership???

We are however also now starting to do everything ourselfs, but that is mainly due to the fact that we are converting both bikes into full race bikes and Kawa SA knows about it.

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Shrug, what I say isn't going to influence him one way or the other. So it's merely important that he understands exactly how important it is that everything get checked and checked carefully. It's more important that everything gets checked for safety's sake then a dealer makes money. I've got no problem with the customer doing the work himself... so long as he's going to check everything. Based on the fact that he only mentioned the oil and chain I suspect he would have stopped there. Not good, really not good. It's likely that he wouldn't notice any of the warning signs of a possible failure down the road. So while in Canada it's not required that you have your services done at the shop for warranties sake. It is still a good idea because the mechanic is more likely to notice something wrong then the rider. And they can prevent parts from wearing abnormally and causing a safety issue down the road. They would find and stop a minor problem before it becomes a major one.

If you don't feel comfortable or feel hesitant about doing everything then you shouldn't be doing it yourself. It's safer to pay someone else to do the work. There isn't a lot of margin for error when it comes to a bike.

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I rather pay that little bit and make sure I get the dealer stamp in my service book than costing me a lot of money later if something happens (while the bike is still under warrantee) Thereafter I do everything myself!
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<<<<<<<<< jacking thread, on the subject of do-it-yourself: how do I change the chain? what tools do I need? do I have to replace the sprockets as well?
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If the chain is worn you should replace the sprockets as well, as worn sprockets will just make the chain wear faster.

You'll want to loosen the locknut off the drive sprocket by:
1) putting the bike in neutral
2) Back the bike up so you take up the slack in the chain
3) Have a friend hold the rear brake
4) Hit the bolt with an impact if possible, otherwise get a huge breaker bar - heat will help it to come off... but don't heat it up too much as you can damage seals or anneal the metal (weaken)

If it's the factory chain it's probably endless, so you'll need to grind the ends off two of the rivets to remove a link to let you remove the chain

Remove the rear wheel and use a breaker bar to take off the rear sprocket

Reinstall in opposite order. Using the factory torque specs in your service manual. The service manual will have more detailed instructions. I would not attempt this job without the service manual - or an experienced tech to help me.
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