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easyrider4 09-05-2019 11:07 AM

2nd radiator fan for a zx-14.
My 2007 zx-14 seems to run a little hot. Mainly in traffic. I noticed the 2012 and up have 2 fans on the radiator. Has anyone had any experience installing a 2nd fan on a zx-14? The pics on the ones for sale on e-bay show them screwed into the top and bottom of the radiator. It might be better to install some kind of bracket to hold the fan.

Astrav6 09-05-2019 02:50 PM

Two options

Fit extra brackets to a gen1 rad or get a gen2 rad

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easyrider4 09-10-2019 08:19 AM

Well, there is a gen2 radiator for sale on e-bay for $360 and fans for sale as low as $22. So it would make more sense to install a 2nd fan with brackets. I took a close look at the one for sale and it does have brackets that hold the fans. They appear to be welded or brazed onto the top and bottom of the radiator. I assume the radiator is all aluminum.
Another problem might be the fans running after the engine is turned off. This is what the owners manual says they do. These small motorcycle batteries don't have the power to run 2 fans for very long. I wonder if they put a more powerful battery in the gen2 models? Or they may have some kind of relay that only allows one fan to run.
It would be great if Kawasaki issued some kind of service bulletin showing how to install a 2nd fan.

olajoe808 09-10-2019 10:04 AM

After riding several summers through 100+* gridlock Denver metro Iíve only had to stop twice. Well actually once. The temp gauge blinked the first time and I stopped right there. The second time this past summer I stopped because it got too hot on the legs although the temp gauge was fine. Iím talking 4 lanes, five if you including the on/ off ramps of standstill super soaked heat.

What I did differently after the first incident was add a secondary fan switch and use specific coolant. 50/50 coolant fall, winter, and spring. Water/ water wetter for the hot summer months. Using a infrared laser thermometer just prior and immediately after switching to the summer mix aimed right at the stator cover yielded 5-10* difference cooler operating temp.

My bike has one fan and over 20,000 miles between the first and second incident where I pulled over. I ride a ZX12R.

Alternatively to these suggestions and the idea of adding a second fan is using a controller that allows you to lower the fans on/off settings. I have not personally used these products but you can find them on ebay. From the items description it does the same thing as adding a secondary fan switch but instead of a manual operation is operates automatically like oem at the temp setting you select.

Another option is switching to a quality synthetic oil where Iíve also observed another 5-10* cooler operating temp.
The two main constants throughout those 20k+ miles between the first and second incident: The use of a secondary fan switch (about $3-4) and using the right mix of coolant. I just switched from summer mix back to 50/50 now the ambient temps are going down and happy as can be.

Iím suggesting these ideas because your system was designed to operate on one fan, not two. As you mention, these charging systems do not have a lot of surplus.

This past winter I added heated gear. Jacket and gloves. Did the math. Added up the power requirements, subtract that from the charging systems output and it was close. Too close. Adding a second fan may not be an immediate issue but it will limit additional electronics you might want to add in the future. My bike is loaded with electronics. A second fan would very likely kill my bikes charging system very quickly.

olajoe808 09-10-2019 11:32 AM

Forgot to add. If you go the second fan rourte check to see if a high output stator is an option.

easyrider4 09-19-2019 02:14 PM

Saw a gen 2 second fan on e-bay. The guy wanted $135. Compared to $25 to $45 for the larger left side fan. I took a close look at the smaller fan and it had some kind of plate covering most of the back side. This is definitely going to restrict air flow. I think the best way to go would be to use a left side fan on the right side and have a seperate switch to manually operate the fan when the engine gets hot. As to the brackets to mount the fan, I would try JB weld rather than soldering or brazing the brackets. To much of a chance of damaging the radiator. Soldering might be ok but it could crack as it isn't strong enough to take the pounding going over bumps.

Hammerhead 09-20-2019 04:34 AM

I have a spare fan f/s if anyone's interested. $20+shipping.

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