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Twistedsocal81 03-21-2019 08:15 PM

ASV as a company and a product.
Hey guys, been gone for a while now but had to share this with everyone. Was browsing through my pictures of my bike after my wreck today and noticed my ASV c5 shorty levers were one of the only things on my bike not bent or otherwise destroyed, this made me contact the guys over at ASV to offer them a few pics as a proof of thier claim that they won't break and so that's what I did. I sent a general message via thier website feedback form since I didn't see an email contact deal. within an hour I was contacted by email with a legit interest not just some canned response. I gave the guy over there the run down about what the wreck was like and how it twisted the bike up pretty bad, shot him a few pictures and said hope you can make that work for you. Within 5 min I had a response. we ended up emailing back and forth about 5 or 6 times at which point I mentioned too bad I didn't still have the levers or I would swap them for warranty if they were scratched or anything, since they say they will replace a damaged or worn or faded lever even if due to an accident for a period of 5 years. So yeah I just said I know you guys owe me zero cause the levers were on the bike when insurance took possession but any chance I could maybe get a slight break on the price of a new set when I can ride again? an hour or so went by so I figured I wasn't getting any response and that was ok with me, couldn't hurt to ask right. 30 min later I get multiple emails one of which was a forward of a communication between him and his boss, so to make a long story well long, this company rocks. because they feel that strongly about thier product and for some strange reason my next set of ASV c5's are at no cost to me. shipping I would have had to cover but I'm local so can just swing by and get them when I get a new bike. Not saying they will do this for everyone or anything and I think the guy may have remembered me since most people don't go to the actual asv location to get these but regardless, I feel I need to make it known that if you are going to buy aftermarket levers for your ride, look into ASV. there feel great, work great, and really won't break and the company stands behind their shit beyond what I have ever experienced in any other company period. So think on it and realize it is an investment and know without fail you will have those levers for 5 solid years short of theft or just losing or selling them. again I don't think they would usually just replace a product without the original in return but I can't say since they did for me.

OTDR 03-22-2019 05:48 AM

Someone will be along soon and state " I have the ASV Levers, and I love em!"

WillZX14 03-22-2019 10:55 AM

I have Pazzos but heard good things about ASV as well. Hey no wonder I haven't seen any of your Vimeo vids on here. First off glad you're still alive dude. Bike completely totaled? slid down an embankment on one of those long twisty?

Twistedsocal81 03-23-2019 07:38 PM

nah I posted some pics awhile back, nay have been my other account but same name for all Intent, anyhow I came over a hill doing way too fast since it was the freeway but no one was on it at 230 am. anyhow peaked the hill and less than 30 foot in front of me was a wall of smoke, I thought it was like a fog bank. nope, multiple vehicles disabled in the middle of the freeway. by the time I realized what it was it was too late( was too late even if I noticed what it was and was only doing the speed limit) anyhow, an image of me being a vegetable flashed through my head, I thought fuck no and twisted her wot. that is probably why I'm alive. started lifting 5he front just enough that instead of being ripped in half(almost was) myself and the bike went up and over in a nice double front flipped flight all to land on me. been walking with a fair bit of effort for about a month or so without my walker. have a cane but don't like it. trying to fight through it. should recover enough to get back on 2 in the next month or 3 lol

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