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Originally Posted by killersrt View Post

Yea pavement isn't the goal here Just make sure you are wearing your gear. If you have a problem with getting it in the air (better than saying getting it up) try to scoot back on the seat. Just be sure you're covering the rear brake in case you come too far back. On the way back down, you want to give it throttle so that the front end comes down smoothly. If you smash the rear brake or just drop the throttle, it wont be good on your forks nor your jewels. Could also throw you over the bars. Its best to practice in a parking lot or somewhere open with no traffic and just take your time. If you have the common knowledge of how to ride a bike and the simplest understanding of physics, you shouldn't have a problem. Practice getting your throttle control and the feeling of the front wheel lifting, even if its a couple inches. You can worry about your balance point after you get the basics down. Sounds funny, but there are actually a few nice videos on wheelies on youtube. You could use those for visual aid
thanks for all the info. i have the concept of using the rear break but just haven't tried to do anything on the bike yet. bout to start practicing a little before it get too cold and start up again when it gets warm again.
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