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Source for aftermarket gaskets and other parts ?

One thing leads to another. While prepping my panels for paint, I let my 9R sit for 2-3 weeks without running it. I lit the beast up and let it warm while I was putting my seats back on. When I glanced at the gauges, the temp was close to pegged. I killed the engine, then naturally the fan cycled on. It ran until the fan switch cycled it off. After some cool down time I lit the engine again, and sure as sh*t, the head gasket was popped.
Is there any parts source, namely aftermarket, that offers any gaskets or parts besides Kaw dealers and the OEM resellers like Ron Ayers ? I'm a very long time pro automotive tech, and in the car/truck world for any given engine there's probably 6 different manufacturers for a head gasket alone.
Engine has to drop to do the head gasket, but I've got a slightly ratchety 2nd gear too, so maybe 2 birds with the same hammer.
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