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correct firing order with wire correction

hi i took off my coils a long time ago and cant remember what the correct firing order is. smart me took them off the wiring harness as well. when i tried to start it im getting back fire out of cylinder 3. i know that 2 and 3 on one coil and 1 and 4 on the other but if it was that easy then my baby would be started right now. top coil is currently running 1 from top then 4 on bottom of top coil. top coil has red wire to green lead on coil and green wire is connected to black lead on top coil. the lower goes to cylinder 2 on top and 3 on bottom. bottom coil has red wire leading to green lead and bottom is black on black lead. what ami doing wrong and why is cylinder 3 backfiring? probably highly related. thanks in advance. oh and my bike is a 94 zx7 i think its the l motor if that makes a difference. something so simple.....
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