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Green Lantern

Year: 1998
Model: ZX9r
Bike Name: Green Lantern
Mods: Custom fiberglass one piece shell, brocks lowering straps, 15" over swingarm, Geared -1/+7, Ultra Shinko Hookup Tire, Dyna2000 ignitions system, Stage 1 Factory Pro jetting and a gutted Full Muzzy pipe.

This is when I purchases it in Nov. 2009

This is what it looks like now after mods.

I'm 300lbs suited and I've ran 10.58 in the 1/4 mile and a 6.75 in the 1/8 this year. I'm dropping weight, and I plan on adding more mods including spray. When I'm finished it should run 9.50 in 1/4 & 5.20 in the 1/8th. "Us Big Boys Gotta Race To"

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