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You may want to try to use an electric heat gun too after the penetrator has gone to work on it for a day or 3.

Not as harsh as a torch and you will obviously have to clean the hell out of the slave and rebuild it once you have it popped off.

@Slorg442 above, man you've got issues. That seems more like angry girlfriend kind of stuff to me than it does "mechanic" work... Epoxy is very thermally stable and the kind of heat you're going to need will just as easily cut out the cases.

You may be down to an air chisel and a burnt offering to your Diety of choice because you're going to need all the help you can get on this one. Probably looking at having to have the surface lightly machined to get all the residual crap and any damages off so you have a clean and true leak free mounting point.

Best of luck all- I REALLY HATE that kind of crap when it happens.
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