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I had to cut mine off with an air cutoff tool. There are about 7 You tube videos with guys having a problem getting the nut off. 4 were zx-14s. 2 guys had to cut the nut off. One was a mechanic at a bike shop. I bought a new one and found that a standard 27mm socket slips when you apply torque. This is the strangest nut I have ever seen. The edges are rounded off. So no standard socket will fit. However you can buy a socket off of e-bay that will fit. It fits the end nut and the 27mm nut at the same time. Price- an outragious $50. There is a You-tube video on a guy showing the one he had to buy. It would be interesting to talk to a Kawasaki engineer to see why they would design a nut like this.
If I ever had to do this again , I would buy a Suzuki nut. It is a standard type with pointed ends.
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