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If I remember right... GSXR1000 2001-2002 are direct bolt on for zzr1200. But to add the GSXR or zz1200 to zx11 different bolts are required as the zx11 uses M8 bolts and the GSXR and ZZ1200 use M10. I have seen old timers posts referring to selling the adapter bolt "kits" to match them up. Forks and calipers are on my list of things I am search for a deal....
Shit! You are damn right; I had a brain fart... It's been so long ago...

ZZ-R1200 calipers and ZX-11D calipers both have 62 mm spacing between both mounting bolts (same for 2001-2002 GSX-R1000 6 pots).
So, they were a "bolt-on" on my ZX11D but only after I drilled and tapped the holes (on ZZ-R1200 calipers) to M10 x 1.25 threads as ZX-11's OEM and I used ZX-11D bolts.

Again, sorry for my mistake.

great info, now the question is can one find a used quality set of 6 pot gsxr 1000 brakes that dont require a full overhaul, or are the double pot ZZR1200 calipers any better ? i figure ss lines, new pads and fluid may be enough for me but if i find cheap enough perhaps...

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