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Ok guys, I finally had a chance to install and test the forks. The verdict is that the rebound adjustment does work and is noticeable, but the effects are not as transformative as the night-and-day difference with initial swap from ZX11 to ZZR1200 equipment.

The rebound settings have only a small amount of adjustment- fully closed is somewhat slow on recovery over rolling dips, but if I go more than two turns out the rebound control seems to disappear. Unscrewing it any more than that produces no discernable effect, at least with the 7wt oil I'm using.

I've settled on spring pre-load of 1 line visible (full hard- I weigh 250lb), and 3/4 turn out on the rebound setting. I think what I really need is some stiffer springs, so I don't have to use as much pre-load. As for further juggling oil viscosity and rebound settings, I don't think I'm good enough of a rider to really benefit from that. I'll just stay with what I have since it works well for me, and maybe consider some springs at a later date.


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