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Originally Posted by 57x View Post
Good to hear you are out again. I'm heading to Sears Point at the end of the month. I doubt this forum will want to hear about my GSXR750 or S1000RR rack bikes though. I have been to Thunderhill and Buttonwillow on the GSXR750 already this year.

Have you spun the wheel on your H2 to see if it is where the runout is? I recently swapped the hub and axle on my H2 SX SE to an H2 hub and axle so I can put my bike on a Pitbull TRS. Those axle needle bearings are huge. If there was a failure I whould think it would show other symptoms. The nice part is the swap saved me over 3 lbs and I now have the Brembo rear caliper.

The toughest part of getting into that H2 axle is torquing the nuts to 148 lb ft. I grabbed a set of torque sticks and used a 150 lb ft stick. I cannot imagine 2 lb ft would be an issue.
Thanks man. Yeah I'd love to hear about your Sears Point excursion. I'm going to give the rear wheel a good long look this weekend and make sure the play isn't coming from the hub.

That was a smart mod you did on the H2 SXSE. You can really tell where Kawasaki cut corners to keep the costs down. You going to do the M50 calipers as well?

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That's what I like about you, Turbo. Instead of looking to external factors you consistently look to yourself to provide the improvements first.

"I can't corner the way I want to, I'll improve that."

"My bike feels heavy, I'll lose weight."

In a day and age where everyone's playing the blame game and looking for excuses it's refreshing to see a little discipline, determination, and self-efficacy.

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