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Interesting build. A few things are confusing.

- That looks like a Chinese clone Akra can. What pipe is with it?

- Are you sure those calipers are billet? That design looks like the early Ducati OEM cast ones.

- Nice OEM M model tank. Too bad the mis-matched colors.

- No kickstand will be difficult for many on a street bike.

- Are those early ZX9R forks? It's great that they are adjustable, but they are very long compared to a P model.

- Who makes the triple? Does the headset lock still work?

- Are they OEM N carbs (41 mm)? You can easily tell if they are OEM because they have two accelerator pumps on bowls. 39s are very rare on Ps. If they truly are non-OEM 39s, are they Factory Works or Sudco. Sudco's are missing one fuel circuit.

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