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05 636 dies while riding

Hey guys new to the forum. But not the bikes I had a 97 ZX7. A 2000 ZX12 and a 95 GSXR 750 with an 1100 motor in it.
I bought my friends 636 from him bike has around 36,xxx on it he got it with 25,xxx. Bikes all stock besides yoshimira exhaust and speed healer. I've been riding his bike and working on this bike since he got it.
So yesterday I got up left for work stopped at a BP with a buddy I paid and and he filled up the tank(he's postive he premium in mine he didnt get gas)
Road to work and home. no issues went out for a ride bike was fine for about 30 minutes going down a construction zone got to the next light want to take off heard a weird noise like as if the chain was sticking like a clunk noise went way go to the next light took off the bike bogged a little bit the dash went off except the miles per hour and then died was rolling at about 55 hold in the clutch try to clutch it didn't work so I pulled over tried starting didnt do anything the key off and on started moved about 10 feet a bogged then shut off didn't want to start again turn key off and on started got about 2 miles and then it bogged and popped and then died again same thing with the dash same thing turn key off on started but then it started bucking really bad then it Smooths out and died got it started and was on my way home again then it seemed like every time I was trying to slow down for a light it would stall out each time the bike died no FI light on the dash no other warning lights just died it would pop while riding a few times amd when it did die id have to cycle the key a few times or let it sot before it would start also some times giving it throttle wpuld help it start I got to another gas station pulled over shut the bike off and let it cool down a bike was running between 205 and 217 all day buddy met me at the station when we left the gas station the bike started right up made it all the way home no issues.
So i called a few people i got differnt answers.
-bad gas
-water in gas
-kickstand switch
-wrong fuel
-valve adjustment
Has any one had issues like this or have a answer
the guy I bought the bike from has dropped it a few times pulling out of parking spots at work
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