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Originally Posted by KawaiFamily View Post
Changing out my chain and sprockets. For some reason I can not get the drive nut off the front sprocket!! Do not have a impact or anything powerful! Was wondering if there were any other way to get it off?
They can be very tight. Stop now before you damage the nut.

At the very least, you need a good quality six-sided socket and a large breaker bar.
If that won't shift it, you will need an impact wrench with a matching impact socket.

I had to bring one particularly stubborn one to a local truck tyre specialist.
Ride bike there, remove sprocket cover, use huge 1" drive impact wrench
to remove 27mm nut.....

Once that was done, I tightened the sprocket nut to a more reasonable
torque, refitted the sprocket cover and rode the bike back home to change
the chain and sprockets. The nut was fairly easy to remove on the second

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