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1998 ZX9R overheats after highway


Last year I had some overheating-problems so I flushed the coolant-system with one of those “coolant-flush-in-a-bottle” and multiple flushes with fresh water after that.

If I start the bike up in my driveway it goes up in temp, the fan starts and the temp goes down.
When i drive the bike it sits steady at 3-temp-bars.
This points me to believe that water pump, fan and thermostat is working as it should...

But, to get to work I drive on the highway for a good bit then goes straight in to slow traffic in the city. As I approach work the temp rises and when I park the bike, it spits out a bit of water almost every time.
Most of the time the fan starts up, but that does not help - still water on the floor.

Today it was 10-15 degrees celsius, same result.

Any idea what is wrong?
Anything I can try to fix this?

Best regards
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