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FS: Complete Dís tranny

A few years ago, I bought a complete D tranny (both assembled shafts with all the gears) from a guy close to me that crashed his 11. The tranny was ęfreshly rebuiltĽ not long before his mishap. I ignore what the rebuild consist of but as I bought it as a spare. Now that my 11 is sold, I don’t need this tranny anymore and would like to sell it.

Since the day I bought it it has been wrapped in oil saturated rags. I think $75 + shipping would be a fair price.
Take note that it is relatively heavy so shipping is possibly non negligible.

Please PM me if interested.
I can take pictures if someone is really interested.

NOTE: It will also fits into C’s crankcase as long as you use a (flat) D’s front sprocket instead of the (dished) C’s unit.

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