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I fully concur, the cabinets are in fact so sick they truly deserve a much bigger, better, badder lab to be installed in. Like your thinking there.

Hope your parts buddy does decide to join the forum as we need new members with builds to keep things going and interesting. Several of the other forums have really slowed up as of late which makes no sense in spring.

Re the race tail, no amigo, it's a stocker that looks well, just like your cabinets... with a total of 11 miles use on it from the dealership to the shop in '92 where it was boxed up and replaced by a full set of race bodywork. Mint. That's why I was so pissed when OOPS mashed the hell out of it, I just knew it was all just too good to be true. At first the neighbors were a little put off and confused as to why I was on my knees in the driveway, cradling an abused box, screaming FAAAHHHHHHHHHKKKKKKK!!!!

Then they got it. Beers were later delivered in consolation. Kind folk.

Looking forward to how yours turns out though.
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