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Originally Posted by ominousone View Post
I used the Axiom magnetic bag that I had on me XXs for many years. That worked well and didn't slide up at high speeds, 90 mph, plus, unless the tank was freshly waxed.

On my '16 14R, the metal gas tank doesn't show enough metal to hold that tank bag properly. So, I went with the Cortech Dryver with the ring lock mount system and love it. It's easy to twist and set on the gas tank for fill ups and twists back on. Solid as a rock at all speeds. It worked marvelous when I rode to Calif from Minn a couple years ago, with my 84 year old dad on his 650 Ninja AND same tank bag. 6k miles in 2 weeks. I never leave home without it.

Well F me in the A, Thats bitchen, Why do I always see stuff like this after I buy the wrong Chit.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
This is the bag I use on long trips, It comes apart so on daily stuff Its half the size, When I laid my bike down the bag got some small damage and the insurance company paid for all new stuff so I got the same tank bag. The sections Zipper together, So Her and I went on a 1400 mile trip last week on a 14 so what we could fit in the bag is all we could bring. I was able to take the lower compartment off the old set up and zip it to the lower of the new bag and zip the top compartment on top of the two and it worked.
Now I couldn't see the gauges at all cuz the top of tank bags were higher then the wind screen but it did allow for just barely enough romm for all our stuff. I had to put a bungie over the top of everything to keep it stable at 139 miles an hour. Not that we did that


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