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Looks like hibernation is over and the riders are waking back up! We had a mild winter here in central TX, so riding was doable with only my heavy leather jacket (well, I wore pants too...). This morning it was about 55F, so a little chilly in the Tourmaster mesh, but this afternoon it was in the 80s and perfect riding. Since I only worked 12 hrs today, I had time for a nice "long way home" ride.

I grew up in Buffalo, NY and remember that the first barbeque of the spring season was an "event" so I guess the first good day of riding is much the same for some of us.

It's good to see some action on the forum again, we have a good bunch here! Well mannered, helpful, and mature ( in the best sense of the term). Too many forums these days are not!

55! It was 45 here in California this morning and the ride was cold to work. I only wore a textile jacket and yes pants. Like you said it warmed up to about 75 this afternoon. I didnít do my normal 12 hour shift like you did so I absolutely took the long way home. Donít tell the wife [emoji2958]. Should be nice weather this weekend so maybe Iíll crash the Cars and Coffee in my town and make it Bikes and Coffee. Itís always a good time.
As far as the forum goes. I think everyone is well mannered and helpful. I do wish it was a little more Livelier at times. But the few that are on at times make it interesting.

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