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Originally Posted by ZXKawboy View Post
First on the list is a windscreen. Since the bike is also a commuter, a little respite from the wind blast on the slab is a must-have.

I'm thinking about bark-busters, for the same reason, so I'd augment the stock mirrors to stick out a bit further for a wider (non-shoulder) view behind me. Bar-end mirrors could be a thing, if I decide against the bark-busters, though. Still on the fence about that.

A Yoshimura Alpha 'street series' exhaust is definitely on the list. Lighter weight (by about 22 lbs or so) and a really sweet sound that isn't too loud.

Let's see...a fender eliminator to clean up the looks, and fender extenders both front and rear, to keep the underside from getting too gunked up. Also on the list are engine case guards, and frame sliders.

And then it's on to luggage... Oi.

The Beautiful Bride will be riding with me on occasion, so that'll bear some thought...

The list looks on point brother.
You should look into Kriega luggage. I have a few pieces of there gear and absolutely love. They are built to last. Been running the same book bag for 6 years everyday to work and not a single rip. They have lots of options.

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