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Everything has been resolved. I want going to unnecessary detail but let's just say everything that happened was explained to me in excruciating detail and ownership was taken where it should have been. Every question was answered and addressed to the fullest. Further, the bike will be demonstrated to be in top order via a Dino video being provided to show that there are no issues.

As far as why they would not be issues well apparently the bike only lost a quart of oil the reason we couldn't see any oil in the glass was because it was too low. The Assumption was made that it did not have oil based on not being able to see anything in the glass but the glass is to show you whether you have enough oil not whether you have oil or not. The reason why it wouldn't start even with power was because a lot of that quart of oil that it lost was on top of the plugs

Bike will be delivered to me towards the end of the month
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