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Where is everybody?

Kinda empty around here lately. Doesn't anyone have some new project to tell about? What about a story of a riding adventure? Anybody been on an interesting excursion?

My bike is pretty well sorted for now, everything running well. The Concours bars are a god-send and realy relieve the pressure on my back and neck.
I haven't really had much time to ride. Started a new job a few weeks ago that was billed as "about 50hrs/week". So far it's been 60+ (going in for 4hrs today) going on 70...
So far I have accumulated about 1400 mikles on the engine transplant and am very happy with it. Oil pressure is still excellent, and it's good to be able to verify it with the gauge.

I've got 1400 miles of dust and dirt on it, so now I have to figure out how to make some time to wash and wax it.

Post up guys!


"If it ain't broke-don't break it!"
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