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Originally Posted by wellcraft View Post
Thanks for sharing and it looks like you have some interesting mods planned. What benefit do you get from switching to ZX10 headers over the stock H2SXSE headers? I'm thinking of trading in my 2017 ZX14R SE for a H2SXSE but haven't pulled the trigger yet since I still have payments left on my 2018 BMW R12GS. I really don't want to bike payments so I'll wait until the GS is paid off before making a move. I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on the H2SX compared to your ZX14R.
The SX's headers are SS as where the 10R's is Titanium, so the their is obvious weight reduction there. The 10R's headers also disconnect right before the cat as where the cat and servo motor are all welded to the headers on the SX, which limits what you can install on them. I personally like removing the cat and servo motor when changing my exhausts. Havent found any info on the SX's headers but the 10R's flows really well, which is why not a lot of full systems were released by companies. I actually got a good deal on a yoshimura slip on for black Friday. Just need a custom mid pipe made up to mate it to the zx10r headers.

I was kinda in the same bought. My 14R was paid off and I didn't really wanna finance but didn't have the cash. But I was really unhappy with my 14R. Love the bike, got a quote on another 14R, just didn't want MY 14R due to the amount of issues it gave me in such a short period. Fingers crossed that my VA claim reassessment goes through and I get another pay out and can pay the SX/SE off. My buddy is in the exact same situation as you though, has a 2013 ZX10R that still has ~4500 owing on it. He wasn't getting what he wanted for trade in value so he decided to sell it privately. Still hasn't sold and he bought a new bike. So monthly payments on his 10R which he doesn't ride anymore and his new bobber.

As for comparison. Its a toss up really. Some points are better with the 14R and some are better on the SX/SE.

Comfort - 14R's seat and body position was better. #1 complaint people have of the SX/SE is the seat. It gets extremely uncomfortable after about 40mins a riding.
Power - It's a toss up, 14R has more hp on paper but with the SX/SE being roughly 30lbs lighter, I cant tell the difference stock for stock. That being said the 14R does have more torque and you do notice the loss of that on the SX/SE
Handling- Toss up really. Both are big bikes and ment more for touring/straight line.
Gizmo's - Hands down this goes to the SX/SE. The main feature that drew me into this bike was cruise control. Easy to use and works just like a car. I set it and take both hands off the handlebars a lot to stretch my back out. First day I got the bike I rode 4kms with no hands. Cops got next to me and signaled me to put them back on lol. Heated grips have 3 settings which is good. The TFT display is cool, few things I would change in it if I could. Lean lights are also a cool feature. Not a lot of pitch black areas where I live with enough of a turn to trigger them all but I do notice them come on in the city at night as well.

I guess its the inner ricer in me but I love the sound of the supercharger. I cant get enough of it.
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2018 H2 SX/SE

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