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Well, first a big hello and welcome.

2nd, hell no. I have a Veterans Day themed response for your question.

To put this into a perspective you may better appreciate, come back in time to 1986 when I was in high school. We just got drivers licenses and wanted to go to the CO river for spring break. Buddies flat bottom 17' had a blown engine. His older bro left for the service and left him his '68 fastback Mustang with a 390 and an AT in it... He said "do what you want". Well OK then!

The brain trust thought it a great idea to do a transplant and flog the rest of the 'stang off for a few bucks. Beer and steak bucks. A perfect cunning plan. As the saying went: "Gotta boat, you're gettin' throat" The end all be all for a bunch of teenagers. Maybe even get some college chicks to tolerate us for a bit. Maybe... NOT! But what did we know and we had so much hope.

To do this wasn't the best idea but the call of ass wasn't a call. It was a bellow that kept everyone up all night, every night beforehand. For WEEKS. But before any of this stupidity could be put into action, buddies dad, a former Marine (picture Gunny Ermey, but younger, more ripped and with far less social graces) threatened to "nut every last one of you baby dicks" if we did that.

I was a bit off-put by this so of course I told my pops who was a former Recon Ranger Sgt, and he said "I'll help". I was so stoked and thought "so great, we're going to the river!". A father and son mission!

But no so fast as I was quickly informed as to the cold hard fact he was not going to be on "our" side. Game and plan over.

Moral of story is we were told to find a better, newer motor that wasn't going to come out of something that would be (was already) deemed to be a classic. And bikes in particular have a far lower production number than any model of car so you've got the original Ninja that Tom Cruise rode...

My advice and strong hope is you keep it whole and get something else to make a frankenquad with. The ZX-9 C made far more power and is lighter too so you can make enough bucks by cleaning up and selling the ZX900R to get what you need.
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