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I weigh around 180 and really have not noticed an issue with the factory setting so I have not messed with it.
If you care to, get some help to check your sag. I am 200lbs and was low 16mm below sag numbers. I could make up 10mm with the preload adjuster, but would be dragging ass with loaded bags.
Well, I screwed up on my measurements. I was checking sag with the assumption that the rear wheel has 90mm travel. You try to set sag with you on the bike with feet on the pegs. You should try to be at 1/3 of travel, so 30mm. I was getting 45.5mm. I just looked up that the H2 SX has 139mm travel. 1/3 of 139 is 46.3mm, so I basically there. Glad I rechecked the numbers before I changed the spring.
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