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Originally Posted by Turbo329 View Post

Hold off on an exhaust for now. Vandemon has a Titanium system being released in the not to distant future. I'll get you into one if you're interested and I'll see to it that you're the first in the USA with one.
I am going to play with my own Ti pipe until this is available. The 2011 ZX10R header is Ti. I bought a header, I am making a Ti mid pipe and already have a Ti can. I cannot imagine theirs will be better on the dyno, but I am willing to test them. All the pipe manufacturer's tried to make a better header for the 2011 ZX10R and all failed. The stock header with just a mid cat-eliminator and can made the best power. Please let me know when they will have their's ready. My dyno guy is cheap and loves to play with these kind of things.

The ZX10R header has a tiny bit larger primaries, but about 1.5" longer (again, the primaries) with a mid 4into2into1 setup. The SX has the shorter tubes that just dump 4into1 straight into the pre-cat. That has to be very restrictive and hurt the low/mid range on this bike.
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