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Originally Posted by EagleSix View Post
150! That's about 20-30-40 mph of what I hit every couple weeks in the summer. And, recaps! I agree, I couldn't pawn these off to anyone, especially myself on the bikes my wife rides 2-up. I understand everyone has a budget, but these things just might not be the thing to save bucks on. Still, like everyone else Kidd you have a choice, and if you decide to get them I wish you the best of luck.
I dont think you read through most of the following posts , i opted for another option on closeouts, contacted vendor and inquired on mfg date and all is good went with some Conti Attacks for $158 shipped. Sure they are older technology but most people could not out ride what the tire can provide to begin with. price was right and along w a RK 530GXW chain total cost was 260, that's just smoking imho

The owner of full Bore states "We are the first Motorcycle tire company that manufactures and retails our own tires. We are factory direct. No middle men means no mark up. We do not compromise any quality when we make our tires. Same great quality without the huge price tag. No salesman, No distributors, No big retail stores = low prices to our customers."
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